MDCTM Chapter 5 – Chef

Proper breathing is the first step in cultivation. Qi* is the most important. “Xiu xian*” pay particular attention to the word “xian” or “immortal”. What is an “immortal”? They are people who have broken away from the human world and demons who have broken away from the demon world. Thus, they are neither people nor demons. This is qi.

At first, the practitioner could only induce the spirit from the outside world, and then slowly turn it into his own. After breaking through the first realm, we could practice our own true Qi in Dantian. When the qi mass is formed, we would enter the second realm. However, at this time, the qi mass is only the condensation of true Qi. Only when the practitioner has learned the magic, he could mobilize the true Qi in the body to perform the magic. As for the third realm, it depends on each person’s immortal fate.

Magic is different from immortal magic. The power of magic is mana, and magic is the force controlled by humans and demons. Immortal magic can only be practiced by immortals who break through the third realm. It is the power that supports the implementation of the immortal arts. Immortal power comes from immortality and mana, which comes from genuine qi. Therefore, it is still practicing qi.

It is not easy to introduce the qi that belongs to heaven and earth into one’s body. Shu Tang had previously mistakenly opened her spiritual veins, which is the way of genuine qi flow. It could be said that she opened an external plug-in for herself. But even so, she practiced for three whole hours according to Fuyu’s method and still didn’t inhale a trace of heaven and earth’s qi.

The immortal realm is close to the sky, and the atmosphere of heaven and earth is dominated by the qi of heaven, which is easier to absorb. In the human realm, the atmosphere of heaven and earth are mixed with some foul qi. Beginners who do not eliminate it are likely to go into go crazy*, self-explode, and die.

Shu Tang knew she’s got a lot of advantages when it comes to cultivating, but she just couldn’t attract the qi around her. She thought she was dying of hunger. While waving her hooves in the recitation of the spell, she secretly peeked at her shifu.

Feeling the attention of her disciple, Fuyu raised her head slowly to look at Shu Tan. This scared Shu Tang so much that she forgot how to recite her spell. 

Half an hour later, the piglet was hungry it laid sprawled on the ground with its two front feet trembling from time to time.

Fuyu pursed her lips, not knowing what to do. She looked down at her half-dead piglet for a long time. Finally, she took out the cultivation book from her sleeves and frowned as she turned the pages.

After turning over two pages, Fuyu’s fingers stopped. Fuyu carefully read the words on the page, then sighed. Putting the book away, she got up and picked up Shu Tang from the ground.

Shu Tang moved her small fan-like ears, not understanding what was happening.

But, when she was carried to the kitchen, her eyes lit up. Shu Tang could no longer think l as she busily nudging Fuyu with her snout while looking at the food over there.

Fuyu rubbed her head. Then, she leaned over and whispered, “See if there’s anything you want to eat here, I’ll ask someone to make it for you.”

People who soar to immortality don’t need to eat anymore, but sometimes they miss the taste of food. So, they have their own kitchens. The chefs who cook in these kitchens were mostly sent from the Xiuxian sect and, from time to time, they switch people out, but the flavor of the food is always good. These chefs all want to gain the favor of the immortals in order to get tips on their cultivation.

Fuyu Shangxian was probably the immortal who used the kitchen the least. Many chefs have come and gone without ever seeing a great immortal. But the people from the different sects would fight over who gets to serve in these kitchens. Why? Because there are abundant immortals here and the qi of heaven and earth is pure.

At present, Fuyu Shangxian’s kitchen chef was the elder disciple of the Qingrong sect, Qing Senyang. He hadn’t been there long. But when he came, his departing predecessors told him they hadn’t had the privilege to cook for Shangxian for two years, which discouraged him greatly.

Qing Senyang thought he was going to end up like them, then one day he got the chance to cook for Shangxian. Nowadays, when Shangxian came in person, he was ever more excited. He rushed forward and bowed. “What does Shangxian want to eat?”

Fuyu didn’t answer him but raised the piglet in her hand. When the piglet’s front foot pointed to the fish on the board, she said, “Just make steamed fish.”

That fish was originally meant for Qing Senyang’s own stomach. But since Shangxian… calShangxia’s pig wants to eat it, he’ll give up.

So, Qing Senyang respectfully said, “Please wait a moment. This disciple will now make it.”

Fuyu nodded and put Shu Tang on the ground. “You can walk around at will. If you have anything else you want to eat, I’ll order it now.”

To be honest, Shu Tang never knew what Fuyu was going to do, but she figured people like shifu wouldn’t try to trick her. So, she threw up her hooves to politely order cabbage and potatoes.

Qing Senyang’s movements were efficient. Under Fuyu’s gaze, he felt energized. With the advantage of the fire system, he cooked all the dishes in a quarter of an hour.

Fuyu looked at the steamed perch, then at the jadeite soup and sweet and sour shredded potatoes. She nodded in satisfaction. “Send it to the main hall.” Then, she disappeared with the pig in her arms.

Qing Senyang, with joy and admiration, rushed to the main hall with three dishes and a bowl of white rice. Before he reached the door, he heard Fuyu Shangxian say, “Huahua, when you finish your meal, you will go back to the room to rest. I have to go out for a bit.”

Those who could stand out among multiple disciples are not to be taken lightly. Upon hearing this, he immediately returned to the kitchen and added another bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks.

When Fuyu saw that he had prepared everything, she was somewhat surprised, but she didn’t say anything. She merely ordered him to retire. Qing Senyang struggled and said rashly, “Shang Xian, disciple dares to ask a question… This, this piglet, is your disciple?”

 “Yes,” Fuyu answered him. “Can you leave now?”

Qing Senyang was stunned. His heart clunked. Then, he bit his lip and bowed.

Shu Tang, smelling the food, started to salivate. But, she couldn’t eat in other people’s presence. Although I felt shifu’s tone of voice wasn’t very friendly, she still silently supported her request.

After watching him leave, Fuyu placed Shu Tang on the table and pushed the food towards it. “These are yours, You eat first.”

Shu Tang hummed and looked at the steamed fish. Finally, she couldn’t resist the hunger. She immediately lowered her head and began eating.

Even though she turned into a pig, she was still picky about what she ate. A mouthful of food and a mouthful of soup, it was delicious. She thought the chef was a little kiss-ass but admittedly he could sure cook. Especially the cabbage soup; it had only been cooked for only 15 minutes but it’s so rich and delicious because of the fire system.

Shu Tang concentrated on eating without raising her head. Halfway through her meal, an extra porcelain dish with fish on it appeared in front of her.

She looked up at Fuyu. Fuyu smiled and said, “All fish has been deboned. Eat it.

Shifu clearly said that if she failed today’s lesson, she wouldn’t be allowed to eat. Now, not only was she able to eat, shifu even personally picked out the bones for her… Shu Tang’s hungry and dizzy mind finally awoke and found that there was something wrong.

She took a step back, afraid to continue eating.

Fuyi didn’t understand what it meant. She slowly curbed her smile, but she saw Piggy writing on the table with vegetable soup: “Inhale breath into the body”.

Shu Tang watched her shifu’s face turning stiff and felt that she had eaten too much. Right then, she felt the energy drain from her body.

Fuyu’s face was stiff for a moment then she slowly opened her mouth and said, “You can rest assured and eat. I… I got the spell wrong. I’ll teach you how to breathe properly tomorrow.”

Shu Tang with the insufficient qi foundation: …

Shi! Fu! Could you be any more unreliable?!* The past three and a half hours had just been pointless recitation?!

She instantly understood why shifu was so kind to her. She put this issue aside due to her appetite, looked sadly at Fuyu, and lowered her head to eating again.

Fuyu, after confessing the truth, coughed embarrassingly and continued to picking bones from the fish.

Fuyu definitely needed to review today’s training, but it also confirmed one thing: Nantan’s speech about raising pigs being the same as teaching a disciple was obviously wrong.

Teaching a disciple… seems more troublesome than raising pigs.

Fuyu sighed and finished deboning the steamed fish. Then, she put down her chopsticks and watched her disciple eat.

Shu Tang saw that she finished another plate of fish and instinctively wanted to eat it. But since shifu spend such a long time cleaning the fish and hadn’t eaten any of it, she pushed the plate back and signaled shifu to eat it.

Understanding its intentions, Fuyu pushed the plate back again. “I don’t need to eat this. It’s ok as long as you’re full.”

Although this unreliable shifu let her practice for a day in vain, Shutang still felt guilty and pushed the plate back.

Seeing that she insisted on it, Fuyu finally picked up her chopsticks and put a piece of tender white fish in her mouth. After she ate it, she said, “Are you satisfied?”

Shu Tang fanned her ears and happily ate the rest of the fish.

To sum it up, she spent her first day of cultivation doing busy work and eating delicious food.

After sending her disciple to bed, Fuyu thought about it and got up to look for Luhua. Luhua was reluctantly choosing an apology gift for her when he saw her coming. He greeted her and said, “See if there is anything you want and take it back with you as compensations.”

Fuyu frowned at the piles of treasures, precious medicines, and medicinal powder and couldn’t help but ask, “Where did you get all these things?”

Luhua Shangxian elegantly smiled. “These are all apology gifts you’ve sent me.”

Fuyu was silent with a wooden face, then slowly said, “Then… Send me some pills and herbs for consolidation.

*Qi: means air and/or energy
*Xiu xian: “修仙” the first character is cultivation and the second character is immortal. Put together, it becomes the verb for cultivating into an immortal.
*Go crazy: “走火入魔” means to be obsessed with sth; to go overboard; (Buddhism, Taoism) to misguidedly focus on hallucinations that arise during meditation
*Could you dare to be any more of unreliable?!: This might be wrong. The original says “您还敢再坑点吗?!”

T/N: Translation is a lonely endeavor. It’s just me in a hot room with a box fan keeping my laptop from melting through my desk while Ting-Ting reads me the same sentence over and over again. The amount of time and effort this takes just isn’t equal to my interest in this novel. So, I will not be continuing this translation. If anyone else would like to pick it up, please feel free. Thank you all for reading!

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