MDCTM Chapter 2 – Jade Pendant

Before transmigrating, there were many things Shu Tang couldn’t eat because she was too feeble. So, even though the radish wasn’t anything special, she couldn’t be happier to eat it.

After sleeping, she finally thought it through. She’s living with an immortal where nurturing is effectively equal to killing. While she didn’t know if this was a blessing or a curse, she’s determined to seize the day. If she could eat, she’ll eat. If she could sleep, she’ll sleep. If there’s a beauty, she’ll gaze at them. There will be no living with regrets again.

Shu Tang could forgive herself for having lived her past life with regrets. But, to be a pig in this one and live with regrets? She’d be too ashamed to even face herself.

The little pig ate sweetly, and Fuyu’s mood lifted. Once it was done eating both radishes, Shangxian picked up the piglet to go out for a stroll, wanting to show it off.

Shu Tang was full and didn’t want to go but obediently went anyway.

Less than an hour into their stroll, they came across a gorgeously dressed* Xundie Xianren*. Xundie Xianren upon seeing the cute little pig went to pet its pink nose. Unexpectedly, the fragrance from her body made Shu Tang sneeze.

A regular sneeze would have been fine, but her sneeze sprayed sticky clear snot all over Xundie Xianren’s hand.

Then, to make matters worse, her pig body shook, accidentally wiping the rest of the snot on her too. Shu Tang immediately turned around and buried her head in Fuyu Shangxian’s chest.

Fuyu was a bit shocked, but Xundie Xianren stood there stunned. “My Bai Huahua must be allergic to your floral fragrance*. We’re going to leave first.” Then, she turned and left.

Shu Tang was dumbstruck but suddenly found herself hugging a strong and firm thigh.

A while after they’ve left, the pig-carrying beauty asked, “Bai Huahua, do you think Xundie Xianren is upset?”

Shu Tang: “…….” Almighty Immortal, could you be any slower?! Also! Can I not be called by such a stupid name?!

But, complaining would have been useless. They followed the fragrance back to where they were. Xundie Xianren had just used a cleaning spell to tidy herself. When she saw them coming back, she stuffed her hands into her sleeves. In an unhappy tone, she asked, “Why has the great immortal returned?”

Between Fuyu and Xundie, there’s no question as to who was stronger and who held the higher rank. No matter how upset, every immortal must be respectful towards her. When she left without an apology, it really irritated Xundie Xianren, and she only held back her anger because of her lower status. Now that the person who left came back, she was even more irritated.

Fuyu blinked. Lifting the piglet in her hands, she earnestly said, “My Bai Huahua was unruly and provoked Xianren, I brought it back to apologize to you.”

Shu Tang thought this great immortal had extremely low emotional intelligence.

Because her body was sickly, Shu Tang didn’t spend a lot of time at school and didn’t know many of her fellow classmates or had any friends. The only people she ever really spoke to were the patients who shared her hospital room and talkative nurses, and even she knew how to interact with other people. But, this great immortal… Who lets a pig do the apologizing?!

In a situation like this, the owner of the pig should be the one apologizing!

Shu Tang originally thought she came into the possession of a dazzlingly cool master*. She never would have imagined it would turn out like this. What dazzling coolness? She’s just emotionally challenged.

In order to help out her owner, Shu Tang could only use her ‘be cute’ technique. Reaching up with her little pink trotters to lightly rub against Xundie Xianren’s arm while looking at her with bright round eyes, Shu Tang successfully dissolved the anger.

Seeing that this little pig seemed to actually be apologizing to her, Xundie Xianren’s expression softened. “Since the great immortal’s beloved pet is apologizing to me, how could I be mad?”

That being said, she didn’t reach out to stroke the piglet again.

Afterward, Fuyu and Shu Tang walked around a little more before returning home.

The next day, Luhua heard about what happened with Xundie Xianren and, forgetting his previous unhappiness, went to see the clever little pig.

Fuyu was in the middle of feeding her radish. When Shu Tang heard that someone came to see her, she rushed to spit out the piece of radish and quickly ran to the main hall on her four short legs.

Fuyu let her run forward and followed unhurried with the radish in hand.

In the main hall, Luhua saw the piglet running towards him and smiled. “In the past, you’ve always carried them around for a week before letting them run on their own. Why did you break the tradition?”

After hearing those words, Shu Tang’s cheerfully running legs stopped.

Fuyu coughed and picked up the piglet, placing it on a round table.

Luhua looked back and forth between the two of them and grinned. “There seems to be a story here.”

There’s a story. There was definitely a story.

Whenever Shu Tang recalled what happened, she wanted to run and hide. Because… because it’s just too embarrassing!

She only recently entered this pig body and refused to just excrete everywhere. But whenever she ran towards the corner of her pig pen to handle her business, it would just… accidentally happen on the way there…..

And yesterday Shu Tang accidentally lost both the dignity from her past life as a human and in her current life as a pig right in front of Fuyu!

It’s a tragic story.

Fuyu pursed her lips, feeling partially responsible for what happened, she didn’t share the piglet’s embarrassing story. Instead, she asked, “Did you come all the way here to see if I’ve been carrying Bai Huahua around?”

Luhua Shangxian laughed, “No, no, I saw that you sent quite a few gifts to apologize so I brought a gift for your Bai Huahua.” He opened his hand to reveal a small and delicate jade pendant on a silk string.

Fuyu looked at him but didn’t pick up the pendant. Luhua took it upon himself to hang the pendant around Shu Tang’s neck.

“I’ve had thousands of pigs, but you’ve never given them anything. Why did you break tradition with Bai Huahua?” Fuyu looked at the pendant with a slight frown.

The beauty’s frown was also peerlessly beautiful, Luhua couldn’t help but steal a couple of glances. “You broke tradition, why couldn’t I do the same?

Shu Tang lowered her head and, in her heart, begged Luhua Shangxian not to mention that incident again.

Even though she hasn’t looked down to see the pendant yet, she could tell by Fuyu’s frown that this pendant wasn’t an ordinary one.

Maybe the pendant around her neck was an immortal item that could help her cultivate into a human body or maybe it could cure poisons or mayb– She didn’t even finish her thought when Luhua Shangxian’s words shattered all her hopes and dreams.

Luhua: “But also, if this piece of pork dies, you could give it to the next one. And the one after that and the one after that…”*

Shu Tang: “…….”

Fuyu stilled frowned. “Is this an ordinary pendant from the human realm or an immortal item?”

“I bought it yesterday from a little vendor when I went to the human realm to do some shopping. The vendor said it was once a gift from an emperor to spoil his imperial concubine.” His voice softened, “Is there something wrong with it?”

Shu Tang suddenly felt a little sorry for this great immortal. He even believed in the words of a small shop vendor.

“No, it’s nothing. Maybe I had mistaken.” Fuyu poked at the pendant, feeling an ice-cold piece of jade. “But, even though this isn’t Bing Zhong Han Yu*, the jade is really cold. Bai Huahua is still young, I’m afraid the cold air would harm it.”

Although Fuyu Shangxian’s ability to raise pigs wouldn’t be able to pass an exam, she really does care about her. Shu Tang, momentarily forgetting yesterday’s incident, nudged Fuyu’s hand with her snout.

“Wow, your little pig even knows how to get close to you.” Luhua patted Shu Tang’s head. Lifting his head to look at Fuyu, he said, “Don’t worry, if a human concubine could wear it, so could a pig.”

Shu Tang: “…….” Hey! Comparing a pig to an imperial concubine, aren’t you afraid they would come back as a ghost to haunt you?

To express her distaste towards Luhua, she shook her head to dodge his petting hand. This movement caused the pendant to touch her body. It’s ice cold air passed through her, making her shiver.

Seeing this, Fuyu immediately took off the pendant. “It’s being affected by the cold.”

After being with her for two days, Shu Tang had long discovered how incredibly delayed Fuyu Shangxian’s reactions were. So, to see her respond so quickly just now, Shu Tang was really moved.

Luhua, used to how much Fuyu worries about her piglets, grinned. “You’ve never been one to be finicky, yet you raise your pigs to be finicky. A pig, no matter how delicately you raise it, is still a pig. How many times have I told you? You should raise pigs more casually.”

Fuyu couldn’t stand his long-winded lectures. She made a circle with two fingers and with a soft white light hit Luhua.

The great immortal’s solution to problems was really… direct.

Shu Tang watched Luhua become dumbfounded. He was so angry his face paled, and then he just left.

After some time, Fuyu left the room and called a servant to have them send him gifts.

Yesterday, Shu Tang overheard the servants saying it’s a well-known fact that many of the valuable items in Fuyu Shangxian’s residence have been gifted to people as apologies after she offended them.

Originally, Shu Tang was only selfishly worried about herself for having an owner with such low emotional quotient. But now, a different kind of thought crossed her mind: if she could turn back into a human or could speak, would that mean she could then rescue this beautiful great immortal?

However, the thought flashed pass and Shu Tang didn’t care to chase it. Suddenly, a cracking sound rang inside her brain, in the same spot as last time. Because the sound was so clear, she thought it came from outside, but the pain in her head proved otherwise.

It was like something hit her in the head. The pain spread from that one spot in her brain until her entire body was throbbing in agony. Once Fuyu came back into the room, she saw the little pig twisting in anguish, about to roll off the table.

Fuyu immediately conjured a spell. The piglet fell off the table but was caught mid-air by the spell.

Shu Tang, in unbearable pain, kept whimpering.

The usually calm Fuyu started to get anxious. She swiftly moved and held the piglet in her arms.

While passing it spiritual energy, she thought, “Could it be that this piglet’s going to die after just three days?” She had passed it a large amount of spiritual energy before she finally remembered that there had been many sick piglets in the past that have died from her passing on spiritual energy.

Fuyu Shangxian pursed her lips tightly and ceased the flow of energy. In her heart, she didn’t want to admit that she was in such a haste that she had forgotten about that. Moreover, she didn’t want Luhua making fun of her again.

Sighing, she could only stroke the pig’s back, hoping that would help ease the pain.

After some time*, the pain dissipated. Shu Tang couldn’t help but sigh at the comfort.

Before the great immortal gave her spiritual energy, she was in excruciating pain. Even though she didn’t understand why she stopped, it still helped her a lot. Therefore, once she felt better, she used her snout to nudge Fuyu’s arm to express her gratitude.

Originally, she thought that the other person would be happy she survived, but Fuyu only looked shocked.

Shu Tang was puzzled. Suddenly, the great immortal jabbed her in the belly. “You… how come you didn’t die?”

*Gorgeously dressed: She’s also very colorful. The phrase used to describe her outfit was “华丽彩衣”
*Xundie Xianren: “薰蝶仙人” means butterfly immortal.
*Floral fragrance: aka pollen #metoobro
*Dazzlingly cool master: “狂炫酷霸” could also be translated word for word as crazy/violent dazzlingly ruthless/strong tyrant/lord. But many translation sites just translated it as “crazy cool”. So, I combined the two.
*Piece of pork: This was the part that made me laugh out loud. He actually said “pork” (“猪若” = pig meat). Using language, he unexpectedly reduced this beloved pet into a piece of food.
*Bing Zhong Han Yu: “冰中寒玉” it means literally means “cold jade within ice”. I think it’s an immortal item and I couldn’t think of a good English name for it. So, I left it in Chinese. If you could come up with something, please let me know.
*After some time: the text said “过了半盏茶的功夫” meaning “the work of half a sip of tea later”. What kind of time measurement is that???

T/N: This chapter so funny I actually laughed out loud. I translated it last night and just couldn’t wait to share it. Thanks for reading! And as always, if you spot a mistake, please let me know.

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